Thursday, August 13, 2015

Its Not about the Science

While the study has been scrutinized for ethical concerns regarding its execution, the finding that Golden Rice elevates vitamin A deficiency in children has not been questioned.
A controversial study that showed genetically engineered golden rice could alleviate vitamin A deficiency in children was retracted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on 29 July, nearly 2 years after investigations found problems with how the study had been conducted. Supporters of golden rice are dismayed by the outcome, first reported by Retraction Watch, but they point out that the data and conclusions remain robust.
The study was retracted not because the data or the conclusions have been found faulty, but because of discrepancies surrounding consent forms and the possibility that children were studied without proper ethical safeguards in place.

That's bad.  That should not happen.  Those responsible for the lapse should face appropriate consequences. But the science is valid and children could be helped by the addition of golden rice to their diet.

But the battle is not about science, it is about politics and politics is about perception.

We are surrounded by genetically modified organisms.  Unless you eat a truly paleo diet of game and forage, you eat GMO.  Heck, if you eat whitetail deer, you are still eating something which eats a whole lot of GMO's.

Label them and let those with too much money pay more for the privilege of feeling morally superior to those who do not or can not.  But an ideology that would let kids go blind for the sake of its own ideological purity, I think that is something worth resisting.

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