Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Opening Day 2016

I've developed an Opening Day tradition over the years.

I head down to a ballfield, it matters little what kind of team it hosts: college, Major League, little league, Moose Lodge.

I head down and just walk around: respect the game and respect the values it instills and the traditions it teaches.

This year we went to Target Field in Minneapolis.  It was a quiet Sunday morning and beyond a few employees doing work somewhere in the concourse and one guy picking up some tickets at a kiosk, we had the place to ourselves.

You've got to hold your mouth just right.

On the shoulders of legends.

It's alright Sparta, we all get a little anxious in the presence of Lucy.

A game of catch.

Dude, there's ice in this bowl!

"It's going, going, going?  Gone!"

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