Thursday, May 12, 2016

On Culture Wars, Trumpism, and My Self-Described Liberators:

I find it kinda ironic when liberal friends who've never been tempted to vote for a pachyderm and who are dumbfounded by the rise of Trumpism, are instant experts on whose to blame for the phenomenon.
Your attempts to externalize responsibility are understandable but misguided.
I am a libertarian, not a progressive, but let me come to you as a friend and sometimes ally who, despite underestimating Trumpism, understands it.
When dismissive snark moved from your dinner parties and Jon Stewart began broadcasting it into every one's living room, you weren't laughing with your fellow Americans, you were laughing at them. They knew this. They pay for cable too.
When you stopped reasoning with your fellow citizens and resorted to shutting them up by shouting "xenophobe," "racist," "homophobe," you were winning political battles while hardening hearts and minds against you.
When you were not content to merely win the Culture Wars but attempt to humiliate your fellow Americans in their own churches by attempting to redact not just shared social institutions, but their religious convictions, you revealed yourselves as the fundamentalists bent on your own form of holy struggle.
You delegitimized even the opposition which was sympathetic to your concerns and just wanted their concerns heard in turn; you laid the dead wood which is the tinder feeding this fire.
They are Americans and they demand the respect worthy of fellow citizens. If you will not give it, they will take it: by any means necessary. Even if, working together, we defeat Trump in a landslide, the progressive attempt to reconstruct the "unwashed masses" needs to end. We refuse to be subjugated by anyone, much less the likes of you.
You think of yourselves as liberators. You are viewed as an occupying force. In election 2016 the occupied have begun treating you as such and you will not convince them otherwise by laughing at them.
In the meantime, however, I will not vote my fears by casting a ballot for Hillary Clinton, or any other Donk who might be nominated, should she be indicted.  I will be voting my hopes, Gary Johnson 2016

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