Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Beware the Ides of March

I thought that, by this time, Sanders would have been down for the count.

I was wrong.
The true believers were right.
I will try to keep that in mind in the future.

Come Wednesday morning I  believe the headlines will be about the continued over-performance of Bernie Sanders.  The reasons for this are two-fold: his appeal and the revulsion of many moderates to Donald Trump.

I am surprised by the number of people just in my small social circle who consider themselves Democrats who plan on crossing the line and voting in the Republican primaries of Ohio and Illinois.  These moderate Democrats will not be voting in the Democratic primary.  These moderates are Hillary Clinton Democrats.  Her vote will be down.  The vote for Kasich and Rubio will be higher than predicted.

I'll learn how to spell "Kasich" when he becomes competitive in a state other than Ohio.

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