Wednesday, March 30, 2016

No Shear Sheep

I am often asked if we sell the wool from our Icelandic Sheep.

The short answer is no, because there is no real market for wool.  If you're gonna try to sell it, you're probably going to be working at less than minimum wage.  If you have a passion for wool, that is one thing, but I don't have a passion for wool.

Among the benefits of Icelandic Sheep is that, unlike more domesticated strains of sheep, Icelandics will rub off their own wool, leaving it on the ground.

The birds returning from their migration and building nests are thankful.
Holy Rapture Batman!  

Now most years I do end up doing some shearing, not every sheep will do so complete a job but we've got one ewe whose already prepared for warmer temperatures.

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