Monday, March 21, 2016

Palm Sunday Walk

This will be the first Easter Sunday that I have not worked in something like five years.  In those years I developed the tradition of putting bunny ears on one of the dogs and walking through downtown Minneapolis and use it as a way to talk bring some joy to the folks lingering downtown on a Sunday morning: mostly the homeless.

So this year we headed out on Palm Sunday as an alternative.  We headed down the Mississippi River for a change of pace.  Other than a few dog walkers and joggers, we had the trails to ourselves.

This was Sparta's second year with the ears and she did great.  A few reminders in the first mile that if she shook them off she would be put on a sit/stay while they were put back on and she walked with them perfectly.

We did about ten miles.  It was kindof an awesome morning.  We'll do the same later in the week when we drop in for a therapy dog visit.

Bulbs emerging from the ground.

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