Thursday, September 10, 2015

And I will walk 3000 more...

I work in a hospital and my job description makes wearing boots a good practice.  It's not often but whether it is cleaning C. diff excrement off the floor or managing unruly patients as the inch deep water from the fire suppression system flows down the hall, about once a year I am really glad my feet are protected.

The rest of the year I want something that is comfortable and at least look professional enough that supervisors do not take notice.

I also walk a good number of miles every year.  Last year I recorded 750 miles worth of purposeful walking.  This year I am looking at closer to 500 miles just counting the city streets of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

I often walk the terriers after work and will continue the practice through much of the winter.
Back of the envelop math suggests my last pair of boots had about 3000 miles on them and they are starting

Half the problem was my fault, I have not taken good enough care of the leather.  The other half were the soles.  Yes, I could have them replaced but the leather is looking rough... so yeah, all the problem with them was all my fault.
to look a little ragged for the workplace.  Just as important: I am starting to feel the stress of how the soles have worn.

I'm dedicating myself to take better care of this pair.  They come with a warranty that includes replacement of the soles when necessary.  I've marked in my calendar when to treat the leather.  It is my goal to get a lot more miles out of this pair than the ones they are replacing.

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