Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bow Season Rules of Engagement 2015

I've said before that fair chase is a moving target.

Basically, if you are improving as a hunter you need to continue to limit yourself so that quarry has a chance.

I mean, lets face it, we could exterminate nearly any other species on the planet if we took a mind.  How sporting would that me?

With bow season approaching I am long past due to lay out my own rules of engagement for the coming season.

It might be my first year bow hunting in over two decades but I have spent a lot of time in the woods in those years so I still think I am safe to put some rules on myself without fating myself to frustration.
  • I will hunt from the ground or natural elevation (hill sides, downed or easily climbable trees).
  • I will hunt on public land.
  • I will buy no more than one piece of additional clothing and buy no special detergents.
  • I will not use scent lures.  
  • I have some old scent neutralizer in the garage somewhere that I might use. 
  • I will use one of the recurve bows I have inherited and wooden arrows with old fashioned broadheads.
What did I miss?

A military surplus shirt was the one new bit of clothing.

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