Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dog Manners

Enjoying a softball game.
If you're a dog person, it really is the best of times.

We are able to take our dogs more places than any other time in recent history.  "Dog friendly" is now a thing and there are advocates encouraging more businesses to be dog friendly.

I can go out to eat with my dog.
I can sit at a bar with my dog.
Breakfast out.
I can go to many outdoor activities with my dog.

That being said, this will only last as long as dog owners accept responsibility for the freedom that they have.

Training their dogs to behave in socially acceptable manner and not taking their dogs where they cannot behave in a socially acceptable manner.

I love taking the dogs out to a patio for breakfast or to a local bar to watch a game of Premier League Soccer.  Taking them with, however, means training them to have good manners while we are out.

So while I am generally pretty critical of the AKC and the breeding practices their kind of thinking promotes, I think their Canine Good Citizen program should be applauded.  I hope more canine enthusiast clubs take up the practice so we can maintain it even after the AKC is euthanized.

I digress.

Our dogs live with us.  They live in the Anthropocene.  Train them to go where you go or train them to be comfortable at home while you're away.

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