Friday, February 5, 2016

Grace Adopts a Terrier

It was my original intention to rehab Stoic and then try to find him an appropriate home, but my daughter intervened.  Her brothers have had the experience of being raised, in part, by Maybelle "the Nanny dog."

After Gracie was born, they were slow to give up "their" dog.  To this day she sleeps in their room even if she needs help jumping into the bed of whoever is sleeping in the bottom bunk.  So Gracie has lived with dogs but never really had a dog.

She chooses Stoic, and he's pretty chill with that.

Fortunate for me she will still let me take him on some therapy dog gigs when the time arrives.

Fortunate for us all, she wants to help when we go out hunting rats or other vermin.

My Sparta and the She-Child's Stoic

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