Sunday, February 28, 2016

Prescott, Wisconsin

The children had a Saturday event in Prescott, Wisconsin.  It was one of those events that eats up the whole day but you only get to see ten minutes of your kids in action.  In other words, the savvy father finds himself with time to kill.

The oldest man-pup and Sparta joined me on an explore of the town and then the nearby Carpenter Nature Center.

The art gallery has a protector.  Unfortunately the gallery is closed until April.


He kept up, mostly.

Art on a lawn.

There was an eagle on the nest and the people who traveled from the Cities seemed impressed, but, well, we see eagles everyday.  For the record, I can tell them where to find a nest in Minneapolis.

We opened the patio at the local Dairy Queen.

Sculpture made from river trash.

 I am a big fan of the student sculpture in the high school library.

We jumped a red fox while touring the North Loop trail at the Carpenter Nature Center.  Sparta didn't see it, but as when we crossed its path, she was begged for an opportunity to give pursuit.

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