Monday, February 8, 2016

Northeast Minneapolis

Northeast Minneapolis has a lot to recommend it though visiting it in winter, when some landlords are not adequately compelled to shovel the sidewalks and none of the ethnic delis have their curbside patios set up, requires creativity to find the joy amidst the effort.

We'll be back, though I might have to reach out to some co-workers who live in the area for recommendations.

My oldest son's nickname among his peers is "Otter."

The nation runs on container transport and rail...

...and both presume globalization.

Rails, highways and, in the distance, the skyscrapers of downtown Minneapolis.

The local Marionite Catholic Church, right across the street from a highly recommended Lebanese deli.

A co-worker, half Ukrainian and a self -described connoisseur of the perogie, and I need to make a date to check out the offering of the Ukrainian Catholic church one block down from the Lebanese.  

I'm just thankful there are still some schools out there named after Thomas Edison.

I do love this trooper of a dog.  15 miles and she was ready to wrestle with the other members of the pack.  She was downright sullen that I left her at home the next day.

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