Thursday, October 29, 2015

Calls you can't take

Last night came the first snow, and this morning my first deer call because of a blood trail lost beneath its melting.

A tough 10-year old girl was hunting in the spitting rain and snow with her Dad.  Her shot landed just behind the shoulder and 2/3rd's up.

I can't make it out for the track.  I was asleep by the first time he called.  I woke up to the phone ringing again but by the time I account for the drive, there just isn't enough time before I have to head into work tonight.

All I could tell him is to tell his daughter that the tracker is lucky to meet a lot of hunters, but being out in the rain and the snow, she's probably the toughest hunter I've heard of this year.

I am thinking for that in 2016, the rut would be a good time to spend down any vacation hours I'd be at risk of loosing.

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