Friday, October 23, 2015

Situational Awareness

On one of our regular walks through Minneapolis/St. Paul, we came across this site: a busted bait station with spilled poison beside it.

What did the busting?  I would guess raccoon.  Did they consume enough to kill them?  It depends upon how many bandits were involved and how much poison was there when they opened it.

If their carcass was eaten by a raptor?  A fox?

I saw it before the dogs.  What if it had been found by the food focused cur of some graduate student using a retractable leash while staring at their phone?

We were in one of those "empty" urban areas, the kind of place where you sometimes see dogs off-lead.

Boom: a dead dog or, at least, a heft vet bill.

Anyway, I disposed of the poison and will walk that way again next week.  If we find the scene again, we'll pitch the whole thing in the trash.

Rats are a problem, but if you can not handle the problem responsibly, maybe you better pay someone to do it for you?

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  1. Thanks for this post. We are seeing an epidemic of wildlife poisonings right now: raptors, foxes, mountain lions, bobcats, fishers, and any other beneficial predators, not to mention domestic cats and dogs.