Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Train a child

More mornings than not my bride gets the kids off to school.  About eight mornings a month, I get the privilege.

After chores, breakfast, and piano practice we have about five minutes before the bus shows up.  I try to put that five minutes to good use.

Last year we spent time talking about the classical virtues and what it means to be "an excellent student, an excellent friend, and an excellent citizen."

This year we're talking about logical fallacies or, as we talk about it around the table, thinking mistakes.  I found a poster to help guide our discussion.  Print the free handout or buy your poster here.

To date the most interesting discussion surrounded the idea of "appeal to authority."  It brought up how a Christian might find the Bible personally authoritative, but it does no good to appeal to that authority to someone who does not share that personal commitment.  We also discussed that when Mom or Dad are handing out chores, we're not making a logical argument.

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