Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Moving Plants

Is there anything more human than propagating plants?
Dog is my co-pilot.
As we have been establishing some pasture near the house we'd used the front yard as pasture for the sheep.  Early this spring, however, it became evident that this was no longer necessary and i would be able to make the front yard look much more like a front yard.

The oldest child is more than old enough to start using a lawn mower come next year and I am anxious to see some blooms from the front window.

Thankfully our friends over at Lostview Farm had some perennials that needed to be thinned and split.  

Other people in the area, thanks to Facebook, are going to allow me to drive over and dig up suckers from their Elderberry patch. 

Giant Hyssop to cover a retaining wall.
Along with hunting, moving and planting are one of the times that I feel the most human.  Long before the cultivation of annual grains, we acted in agricultural ways.  We burned prairie, we sowed seeds, for future generations, thinned out trees to help the plants we found useful.  

I confess I favor aggressive plants, mostly because I hate weeding.  I am also not that good at nursing along ailing plants.  

Sedum in front of the wood shed
Plant it, forget it, use a lawn mower to keep it from taking over too much of the yard, that is my plan.  

That is why I will be putting sunchokes in the ground later this week, as well as some walking onions.  

All in all, it will be a great adventure.  Hopefully I'll have some blooms to show in the spring and a regular cornucopia of blossoms in two years time.

Asters, Giant Hyssop, and Coneflower right next to the deck.

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