Saturday, January 30, 2016

Early Morning Rabbit Hunt

Sparta for the flush.
Musket for the catch and retrieval.

Musket may be a grumpy old man ill fit for a house with children, cat and other dogs but I will miss him when he goes.  To be honest, if it hadn't been a perfect flush into the open, I don't think he would have caught it.  Despite watching it run, I half expected the rabbit to be unfit for consumption when he brought it back.

Other than the normal number of fleas, however, the rabbit seemed fine.  I'll make a stew for either lunch or supper tomorrow.

He caught the rabbit within 20 yards of the flush and returned it on my first command, despite the fact that we haven't practiced much recently.

This is my favorite way of hunting so a bred-for-the-work lurcher dog may be in my future.

One leg was lost due to two terriers who hampered Musket's return with the rabbit.

"Win like it happens every day."

Sunrise on the farm.

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