Thursday, January 28, 2016

One of *Those* Volkswagens

I own "one of those" Volkswagens.

I do think the EPA standards went a bit overboard.  My earlier VW diesel got about 10 mpg better mileage and a few friends of mine who've had some of their emissions controls removed have seen a 20% improvement over my unaltered diesel.  If global warming is the threat I am told it is, perhaps localities where smog is not an issue should be able to opt efficient diesel instead of "clean diesel."

That is no excuse for the foolishness of VW trying, and succeeding for quite some time, to dupe the monitoring system.  It'd have been better if they'd just withdrawn from the market and let the TDI lovers of the nation drive up the resell value of the pre-2009 TDI market.  I sure wish I'd purchased a pre-2009 TDI.

I'm not that concerned about nitrogen oxides but I do care that I can not sell my car, at least not at a price I find satisfactory.  I do care that I am trying to decide how much money to pour into it for regular maintenance but unable to weigh the odds of a buyback.  Who wants to drop $2000 in regular maintenance if you might not be driving it in three months?

I'm getting a irritated.  Is VW making a good faith effort to resolve the issue?  It is starting to feel like they are not.  At the very least I feel like they are trying to postpone announcing a way to resolve the American market until after they have reached deals in the rest of the world.

If they start by buying back the half a million American cars, they run the risk of India or South Korea asking for the same.  I'm not an engineer but it is hard to see how making the necessary alterations, meeting all the safety testing requirements after cutting holes and adding hardware, in vehicles now over 200,000 miles is cheaper than just buying them back at a 20% premium of the pre-scandal price.

If they can't resolve the question soon, sorry Freudin, but the animosity of current owners is only going to become more and more ingrained and boisterous.

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