Monday, January 18, 2016

The Bunker Party

So far as I can tell our system is made up of two major formal political parties and one informal movement.

Among the political parties conservatives (social and economic) make up the core of team Pachyderm, think Cruz, Rubio, Paul Ryan. Liberals (social and economic) make up the core of the second formal political party, team Donk, think Hillary C., O'Mally, Pelosi.

The third informal political movement is the "Nostalgia for What Never Was" party (Team Oscar the Grouch?  Team Big Bird? Team Archie Bunker?), it is running two candidates: Sanders and Trump.  They may be running in different primaries, but they share an overlapping base of support: whites who *think* they long for the days of Ike, Kennedy, and LBJ.

To my fellow "small l libertarians" and pseudo-anarchists, sorry, 21st century America just ain't that in to us, at least not yet.

From the NY Times: Donald Trump’s Strongest Supporters: A Certain Kind of Democrat.
National Review: Trump Doesn't Represent the Conservative Base

Politico: Can Bernie Sanders Win the Love of a Party He Scorns?

Roll Call: Sanders Asks Democrats to Pick Proud non-Democrat

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