Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Day Walk

I've taken the canines on a New Year's Day walk for years now.  Same day, same place, about the same time.

Twice Musket has caught a raccoon on the flat and sent him to meet his little raccoon god.  It's only happened twice, both on New Year's Day.  Statistics are funny like that.

My middle child joined me for the first time this morning.  No raccoon were spotted today.  No mammals were seen at all to be exact, but I don't think he was disappointed.  There was still there was a lot to see to those knowing where to look.  Specifically, there was a lot of raptor sign out there.

First lessons in reading sign

Snow angels: of death.

There were so many I was asking myself, are we at peak raptor?

Sapiens have been here.

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