Saturday, January 30, 2016

Scouting bedding areas

It was neither inconceivable nor likely that we would find any shed antlers, but we took a walk to scout out some areas where deer have bed down in the past and see if I might get a little lucky and find a dropped antler.

No antlers were found and bedding areas where more sparse less used than previous winters.  There has been some logging nearby, that might have disrupted the flow of deer.  Still, I think we'll check out a couple other spots in the days to come.

Another kind of hunting
Logging at the far side of our permission.

Stoic never ventured far.  About half-way through the walk Musket started to tire.

Sparta got caught in a bit of barbed wire.  She was jumping, twisting and puling when I first saw her but a strong "stay" settled her down until I arrived.

A lot of animals have started to eat sumac seeds.

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