Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kurgo upgrades a harness

After trying a number of harness my favorite for heavy tracking use also happens to be the cheapest: Kurgo's True Fit Smart Dog harness.

Fancier harnesses with any material other than nylon webbing look  great but begin to fray after just a few hours of use in the brush blood tracking takes us into.  Until such time as I feel flush enough to buy a nice leather harness, it is hard to see why we would need anything other than the simple Kurgo.

Stoic will start spending more time doing some blood track training so I went to Amazon to pick up a second copy of the harness so that I could have one fitted for each terrier.  I thought I was ordering a clone to my first harness but thanks to my own inattentiveness, I got something better: the Kurgo True-Fit Enhanced Strength harness.

The only thing I did not care for on the original harness was the plastic clasps.  They are practical and hold up well but I preferred the metal nesting buckles I had seen on other Kurgo harnesses.  Imagine my surprise when the new harness arrived, made with those metal nesting buckles as well as additional stitching along the back strap.

Both harnesses exceed expectations at less than $20.  Measure (your dog) twice, buy once.

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