Friday, December 4, 2015

Integrating Stoic into the Pack

At least when it comes to how to act in the field, the first dog is always the hardest to train.  This video is a little long at 90 seconds but it gives an idea of how I work with the terriers by trying to keep it fun and using one dog to teach another.

Sparta's joyful unreserved nature arises from the fact that she has never known anyway of living other than what she has now.  I expect Stoic spent his first few years in a household with a lot of negative reinforcement.  While it has it's place, too much can quickly damage a dog's spirit.

Can a pack have a culture?  I think it can.  I know it can when you add a human to the mix.  I set the tone for what we do and what we don't.  The other dogs reinforce that culture.

It was a simple river crossing.  I'm glad to say as we headed back to the car, Stoic jumped it without needing a single word of encouragement.  Its just what we do.

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