Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Beam Work

I was going through my phone deleting pictures and videos when I came across this gem.

I do a lot of things to try to keep walking fun and engaging, both for myself and the dogs.  Some times we stop and talk to homeless men.  Other times we stop and do tricks in the park.  Still other times we do a little balance beam work.

This trick requires Sparta to jump up on to concrete barriers and then walk along them.  Some things to point out:

  • I only order her up there when there is no traffic on the same side of the road as we are walking and I order her down before any traffic appears.
  • I only do this when she is wearing a harness I can clip into.  That way if I need to grab her quickly or if she falls in the direction of traffic I do not have to worry about an injury to her neck.
  • We only attempt this after having mastered the commands "up," and "off," and have experienced walking on concrete beams in unoccupied work sites apart from any distractions.

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