Monday, December 14, 2015

Northeast Minneapolis

Saturday provided a great day to explore an area of Minneapolis that I'd yet to been exposed.  It was a good time and I got an opportunity to scope out some areas for later exploration.  

Sheridan Memorial Park does a great job expressing the costs of war.  Including the youngest and unheralded victims.

"War is the beast that makes every mother cry."
Each of the nation's wars and those conflicts which had the most local impact receive its own post and its own death mask.

Natural Dangers at the boat ramp.
Minneapolis Parks and Rec office.


Isn't it iconic?  Don't you think?
Good Guys at Graco, or "when lawyers are order takers not order givers."

"Minneapolis is dam nice."

Finding shoes or other items I would presume the homeless would value, is relatively common on my walks.  This is by far the nicest pair of boots I have ever found.

Nice boots.  I hope the owner gets them back.  I'd like to know the story. Yes, I did check the river for 30 yards up and downstream.

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