Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Family Tradition

My mother was up over the Thanksgiving weekend and, with her, was her Labradoodle, "Krin."  All of our dogs love my mother and Sparta, among my canines, is extremely fond of her.  Of course Sparta first met Krin when she was 8 weeks-old and I was bringing her home from David Mason's place in Wartrace, TN.

Perhaps more impressive is how Musket, on his back below, has taken to her.  The list of people he will roll on his back for is short and limited to a few members of the extended family.
Everyone loves Grammy!

After a long day of play.
Both of my boys like their dog "Maybelle" and my daughter and Stoic are still deciding exactly how much time to spend together.  Still, if they continue as dog people, they will have come by it honestly.

Otto spent a lot of energy on his long weekend as well.

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