Friday, December 11, 2015

Freshmen Doghouse

I don't often envy the young, but this program turns me a shade of green.

Twelve University of Minnesota freshmen will have to help train their roommates to get along with other people and do some household tasks next year.
Next school year, the University is teaming up with Can Do Canine Assistance Dogs to have pre-veterinary students live with service dogs before they’re assigned a permanent owner. 
Twelve incoming pre-vet freshman will be admitted into the Living Learning Community, called Fostering Education and Training Canines in Housing, or FETCH, which will be housed in Bailey Hall.
“The students in the program will have to figure out how … they [are going to] work to educate students about the dog and about assistance dog programs,” said Kristie Feist, assistant department director of Housing and Residential Life. “This can really be a field of interest or future career for folks.”
Living in the LLC will require an extra application detailing a student’s experience with animals.
Each of the LLC’s three suites will have a dog to look after, and the dogs will start living with the students beginning mid-fall semester until about spring break. 
Feist said that will allow students to learn about their responsibilities and get used to the school before they begin training. Students will bring the dogs to their classes and monthly training sessions in New Hope, Minn.

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