Sunday, December 6, 2015

Praise for a Dumped Dog

About once every three or four years rats attempt to colonize our chicken coop.  I was aware of it this summer and I have been working the terriers on it every few weeks to keep the numbers down.

When the ground freezes and the air gets cold, I will be able to positively identify which holes are occupied.  I can take down some fence, knowing the chickens will come back that night and we will go out and eradicate the colony.

First I'll pump in Carbon Monoxide and the terriers will hopefully kill every rat that bolts.
Then we'll pump in water, the frozen ground will help hold it momentarily and the dogs will kill any laggards that make a run for it.

Then I will move the chicken feed to another part of the chicken yard and leave secured rat poison in its place.  Fences will go back up and they are enough to keep the terriers out of the chicken yard.

Until then, however, we have to manage the population and keep them from trying to break into the house.  I have partitioned the chicken yard so the terriers can get to the rats but the chickens can not get out of their yard.

 The terriers had worked at it but Musket moves slow in his late middle age and Sparta often runs past the rat in her excitement.

Stoic "the Vast" is a mutt who showed up on our front door and at three years old he is our prime rat killer.  Sparta or Musket will flush them as Stoic sits back, watches, and nails them as they escape.  Sparta marks any scent, old or fresh, Stoic follows the fresh scent.  The newcomer mutt is teaching the purposefully bred terrier.

I let him out this morning and he brought me back a gift.

Stoic "the Vast," yep, that is blood on his collar.

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