Friday, December 18, 2015

Dancin' Circles around the Sun

Someone has been reading the Discourses.

Disregard what don't concern you, don't let disappointment turn you
Avoid adopting other people's views 
Know what you can and can't control, don't let envy take a toll
It's nothing more than weather passing through 
When your back's against the wall, when you're headed for a fall
The tables set to make a run Dancin' Circles Round The Sun 
Through action wisdom is revealed and too much talk is like a shield
In silence lies the keys to how we grow 
When focused on the truth at hand, the critics try to make you bland
But they don't understand what they don't know 
Make your own cracks in the sky, grit your teeth and learn to fly
And when the right thing has been done, you'll be Dancin' Circles Round The Sun 
Forgive the ones who meant to harm you, don't let superstition charm you
Conform your wishes only to what's real 
Your reputation doesn't matter, let idle gossip chirp and chatter
No one else can tell you how you feel 
In between the masks you wear, wash your face and comb your hair
You're not hurting anyone Dancin' Circles Round the Sun 
Your mind cries out to God alone, please send me someone I can own
Your soul says son you're walking on thin ice 
Possession in the broadest sense, compounded by coincidence
When all it takes is one roll of the dice 
In between the good and bad, think of all the fun you had
It's the same for everyone Dancin' Circles Round The Sun 
Evolution comes in fits, it stops and starts, it coughs and spits
Picasso and Mile Davis come to mind 
True artists, bold unbridled passion, no concern for fad or fashion
Sexy beasts in love with woman kind 
Bend the rules until it breaks, stand your ground until it shakes
That's the way to get things done Dancin' Circles Round The Sun
Hey, sod convention let's have fun Dancin' Circles Round the Sun

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