Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bring It

So far it has been an amazingly warm winter.  That doesn't rule out the possibility that the second half of the year could be great for snow.

We usually have several months where it is too cold for large snowstorms.  I am hopeful that the next couple of months will remain warmer than average, increasing the opportunities for warm moist air to interact with below freezing temps.  If that happens we salvage a season of snow sports.

I don't care for skis and snowmobiles never held any allure.  I do like walks in the woods and snowshoeing is a natural extension.

A few years back I got my first pair.  Military surplus was the only place my desire for quality and price met a product that would bear my weight.

The shoes themselves were fine, but the binding were terrible.  Sometimes I could get a good walk without much work but more times than naught I was readjusting and tightening them every hundred yards or so.
Enter Marc's Snowshoe bindings.   They attached easier than advertised and feel great on the feet.  I'm looking forward to the chance to try them out in the field.

Someday soon the weatherman will say "a big storm is on the way."  I'll only have one response, "Bring it!"


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