Thursday, November 5, 2015

Conservation is Conservative

David Peterson calls himself a critic of hunting.  Really, he is a critic of what some of hunting has become: a harvest powered by gadgets, rather than an act empowered by knowledge of the animal you stalk.

I don't think everyone should hunt with a recurve, though I was a bit surprised at the reverence and respect I received when asking about a new string for my recurve at the local Farm and Fleet.

I don't think everyone should ground hunt, but I have learned more in one season of ground hunting than a decade of hunting from a stand.

You get the idea.

I'm not yet the lifelong member of any conservation group and I am only an occassional fisherman, but I am impressed at what some of our local trout people have done to reclaim trout streams.

I'm not sure to whom I should be grateful toward for the ample land open to public access in Wisconsin, but I want to safeguard that tradition.

Yeah, I've got some self-educating to do this winter.

I do know, however, that conservation is conservative.

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