Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Talking to hunters I have discovered that terms like high back, brisket, or back of the shoulder can mean different things to different people.

Our eyes can fool us, especially in low light.  We can think our arrow hit the deer in one place at a certain angle when, if fact, the recovered deer shows wounds in quite another.  Reality is hard enough, there is no need to compound the problem through unclear communication.

I'm not sure who we owe for these nice illustrations, I got them from Mark, a tracker who lives near me.  He received it from someone else who likely had it passed on to him from yet another tracker.

I am still not sure how to incorporate these images into my pre-track interview.  When texting with a hunter, it is easy enough to send the images and ask them to comment on where they believe they hit the deer.  Over the phone, it is a bit more complicated.  I suppose I will just print them and keep them with my tracking journal.  Then I can ask the hunter whenever we meet in person.

Quarting Away

Quarting toward

True Broadside

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