Thursday, November 19, 2015

The American Red Cross

The Red Cross is getting social media right.

Once upon a time, donating blood felt good when you did it, but theoretical, Then there was that long bit of time between donations.

Now, a month after I donate, just about the moment when I should make my next appointment to give, I get an email telling me where blood was sent.

So, yep, I am motivated to sit down and open the app.  it lists all dates, times, and locations of the drives in my area.  I make an appointment.

About the time I forget again the app reminds of the commitment I made.

Yes, I'll make jokes about my blood being "reappropriated" by the seat of the Federal governement, but, thanks to the app, I know the last two pints went to the same hospital that I draw my forty-hour-week.

It could very well be while I was cursing myself for forgetting to bring more French Roast to work, the blood I donated was contributing to the extension of a human life: another birthday, another anniversary, a child's life extended so they can experience love, lust, or the sound of wolves howling.

Knowledge hits home.  Information keeps it real.  That keeps me going back.

Yep, the smart phone is good for something other than Clash of Clans.

Good Job Red Cross IT department

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