Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hunting, Not Finding

We had a few warm days; the deer settled down.

I hunt when I can so I went out and saw some does, but none were close enough for a shot.  Once I got winded.  Another, she turned right instead of left.

As I am like to remind others, it is called "hunting" not "finding."

They were two really perfect evenings that I would not trade for much of anything, even the rain shower was enjoyable.

Still, a cold front moved through and I expect the behaviors we associate with the rut to return tomorrow morning.  I told the wife I'd get the kids on the bus in the morning and be available if she needs to stay late at school (she is a substitute teacher working in a long-term placement) tomorrow.

Saturday morning, I expect, the tracking calls will begin.

Even if I don't make it out again, it's all good.  Wisconsin has simplified the registration of collecting roadkill.

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