Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Giving it Back

I do not remember when this bow was not a part of the family.

Before I was born Dad received it as a gift from his father, an untamed man in his own right, who passed away this fall.

Dad doesn't have too much opportunity to bow hunt at present so I was using it this year.  Color me sentimental, but I would have very much liked to have killed a deer with this bow.

I didn't loose it.  I gave it back.

As I was taught, I should have unstrung it.  Contemporary opinions differ. Maybe I am glad I left it strung.   If it had to break, I'd rather it break in the garage than when drawn on a target or otherwise held in my hand.

There is nothing that is permanent.  We're all just taking turns.  Today I eat a grouse.  Tomorrow the earth eats me.  Alfalfa eats dirt.  Grouse eats alfalfa.  Man eats grouse.

The bow is wood and wood, too, must return to the earth.

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