Sunday, November 15, 2015

Walking Minneapolis

I took a chance.

Saturday mornings tend to be slow for tracking calls.  Sundays tend to be busy.

If I want to be fresh for a busy Sunday, the odds of a good day sleep improve if I can get a good walk in on Saturday.  The sun was out this past weekend and the temperature at dawn was a perfect 40 degrees.  Our last best chance to have a snow-free stroll until March.

Thank you El Nino.

This really is my favorite spot in downtown.
Dogs dig sculpture.

"What exactly are these things anyway?"

Winning: great coffee, off-street patio to tie off the dog, and a corporation that utilizes existing buildings.
Barista: You look like the outdoorsy type.
Daniel: You're right about two things.
B: Two?
D: I am the outdoorsy type.  I am also the "leave a bigger tip for the barista who looks at me close enough to guess my type" type.
B: (blush)

This boy needs a dog.


Hatched too late: Chick the size of a pigeon laying on Nicollet Ave.

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